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Hell I woke up today with a migrane in the lft side of my brain... from my temples all the way through my left sinus and down to my jaw and teeth! I tried my best to ignore it as I was letting the ponies out and mucking the stables, but the pain just grew and by the time I got back to the cottage I could barely stand the light :( I am seriously anoyed! I had such plans today! I was gonna bake a cake and make 3 different meals to save for the rest of the week... AND I was gonna work on my Midnight Witch piece, a comission by a friend... I did the linework the other day, and I have started on the watercolour part today... I cant get the sky right... sometimes watercolour really isnt my friend :) However, I also know I'll be able to "save" the work when I start adding colour with the pencils...
But at least it isnt making my head any worse... allthough I am not sure how healthy it is to be working on minute details when your head is about to explode...

Ack well... maybe coffee will help?

Hopefully I will have something to show you at the end of the day, or at least week!
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  • Reading: "Between the Lines" - Jodi Piccoult
  • Drinking: Coffee
Wanted to let you know about my Art page on facebook... I will only post finnsihed work here on DA from now on. But I will update my album "Art 52" on FB with progress every week :)

Also, I would be so happy if you all clicked "like"... :)…

now I am off to draw something, possibly a horse!
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Oh my... I have a feeling 2013 will be a good year for my art... I have decided to serioulsy pick up my pencils, my brushes and my imagination this year. And so becuase you know that new year resolutions like "loose weight" - "work out more" ect ect always end in utter failure, I decided to make mine a bit different this year. Focus on something that gives me absolute joy! ART!!! So every week I will art, I might not finnish a piece every single week, but I will do something art related...

so far so good!

It's week 5, and I have finnished 3 pieces, and I am now working on my 4th, a self portrait... my oh my is it a though one to do! I just hope it'll turn out as good as I want it to!

I need ideas too, so if you have anything you'd  like to see me tackle on paper, anything at all. Please be my muse! And if you are in luck... I might just send the finnished piece off to you! I am not guaranteeing things, but you never know ;) And if you dont try to to inspire me, you will absolutely NOT get anything :p
I do take on comissions as well, allthough I will turn down any request that doesnt speak to my imagination...

I have also made myself a wee group... I want to try and find people that draw storybook witches, my favorites! So if you know of any deviants that seems to have the same childish-witchy soul like me... why dont you let me know? Or let them know of my wee group...

Stay tuned!
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*You could easily say that I am not the most productive artist out there... for years now, most of my creative flow has gone towards decorating my cottage... But this week I picked up the old brushes and paints again. And omg I have missed it!!! Truly! So now I will not wait another, near, two years to paint again...

Horses has arrived in the gallery, and becuase I dont have a scanner they are photographed...

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This weekend hasnt been the best... usually when I feel this low, I draw... and it makes me feel alot better... Not this time... I dont know why.. Maybe becuase I'm not that happy with the outcome... Who knows...

well it's an update... its better than nothing, right?
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Just made a blog for my art... as my other one is more "personal" and more about decorating and househunting than art... I wanted a place where I could showcase art alone :) Yay!!!

So there you are, please visit…

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I just went out to the art shop called "Creativity", met the funniest and nicest wee girl behind the counter... and bought 20 new colours. They didnt have Faber Castell like I usually buy, but Derwent. Well obviously the colours and numbers dont match. So I just bought colours on a whim really. But I managed to not buy replicas. Which I'm grateful for... they're fucking expensive! I also bought fixing spray, but as I tried it out on a piece, turns out some of the ink bled. So that was money down the drain, and not doing that again! I cant wait to try them out now. Wont be able to before tomorrow though. Stable work tonight I'm afraid! But that is fun too... :)
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Well, I WAS gonna do a wee illustration of a girl with a brolly and a bright yello parka... but well... my muse wanted something else... So I did a proper fantasy nymph instead... I like it...

It smells of spring outside, the snow is rapidly fading into nothingness... allthough march is a trickster of a month, and I am sure it'll snow again... loads probably... but for now.... I can enjoy the warmth of the spring sun on my skin when I wake up every morning...

untill it snows once again!!!
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Oh my... how long has it been? Years... Wow... Well today I updated a traditional art piece, and another digiart as well... I'm in the mood for some serious art-ing... And hopefully I will be more around. Spent yesterday cruising all the talents on D.A. and fell in love with so much stuff...
Seeing my new piece of trad art, I see my style has matured alitte, not in the sense of subject, but how much better it looks than some of my old crap. Well... I think my dolling days have finally crept into my trad art and made me more "me" than ever,...

Cant wait to finnish my new piece, to show off as well... And for those of you still watching me, thank you! For not giving up on me!!! You're all brillinat!



p.s. alot of you are asking for my dolling site (Inside the Fairytale), it is no longer up, and I do not see it returning in the near future either. However, if you are in need of any of the stuff offered on it, dont hesitate to contact me on
it's an update!!! Pictures from Scotland... the love of my life!!!

so... I haven't updatetd this poor gallery of mine in... ages actually... But that will change soon. I promise!

I just got back from a four day trip to scotland... and I have to admit... I managed to fall in love in less than that time.... And I have taken a shitload of pictures... hoepfully they will be divine!!! And spooky!!! Edinburgh and Glasgow are both...spooky cities *lol*

I get to pick them up on friday. So if i can get my silly old scanner to work, I'll be uploading them that same day!


Just scanned a shitload of stuff for you all to stare at... Unfortunatly the best piece of them all.... a wicked watercolor for a contest got forgotten in Oslo.... darn... so that will simply have to wait I guess.... *sighs*

But enjoy all teh sloppy sketches for future paintings, and teh cute red Coffee Dragon *smiles*
when you browse deviant... how do you do it???

I usually look at people's favorites, and tehn go from there and so on...... I always find AMAZING work that way....

but how do you browse? Usually?

oh, and tonight, there will most definatly be an update in my gallery *grins*
So all weekend I have been reading reading reading and studying to have even a remote chance of passing my mid term, which is today... in exactly one hour... And I was just at the lecture (same class) and the teacher tells us.... this mid term has NO influence, WHATSOEVER on teh final grade... it is simply a "trial" exam... for our own benefit.... well I'll be damned... a weekend of complete waste *sighs* Thank goodness I am going to the movies with Sverre (god buddy of mine) later, or I might have freake out...still... I am happy I don't need to worry about failing the damn thing... as I am pretty darn sure I could have... seeing I think I studied the WRONG facts sort of.... *siiighs*
have ANY of you EVER heard of a "trial" exam before??!??

I have drawn yet a few sketches of drahons... highly inspired by the allmight Real Musgrave.... Lots of cuties... maybe tonight I'll pain one of them as well... hopefully I will be home at ma&pa's on thursday so I get to show you all what I've done...

ta ta for now then...
Blessed be
So... three days and 10 hours untill my mid term in humane behavioral echology.... WTF?!?? O_o how on earth am Igonna pull that thing off?!??

Esp since I spent all last night, NOT reading, but painting.... that's right... a dragon!!! I doodled it while watching friends on tuesday, it turned out so cute I decided to paint it up... and it is looking FAB!!! I wish I could scan it and show you all asap, but I am not in contact with any scanners untill NEXT thursday >_< that is... ONE week exactly...from now.... or maybe friday...erh... anyways, it'll take a while... I am sorry...

Now, I was doodedling another dragon in class years and my teacher came up to me in break. He had noticed I wasn't really taking notes (I sit on front row ye...hmmm clever me!)... he wasn't mad or anything, he just wanted to see what occupied my mind. He thought the dragon was cute (it was horrid...but anyways).... and then he asked me if I belived in them... I was puzzled to say the least... I had to say yes of course, and he, as the science teacher he was asked me how could I?? There are no proof.... I knew this teacher was a beliver in god and the bible and all that, so I asked him you have proof god excist? He had to smile... and so he realized beliving in dragons are no less stupid or insane than beliving in god, or jesus, or being a witch (like he knew I was).... it's simply a question of letting your faith win over the lack of proof...cus we really don't have proof for very much in this world do we...

I just wanted to share this with you, as I am in a "protect the dragons" sort of mood today...

Blessed be form the Witch that belives in dragons and magical creatures.... and I walk off to my Sience class... Have a merry day...each and every one of you!
Lots of new devations!!! Loving the photos... enjoy yourself looking around!

Well,  I know I haven't updated in like...forever!!! But I swear that will change soon!!! I just spent the entire day in a nearby city with my sister, Eva and her friend Inghild... they were excellent goth models!!! I am so excited about the pictures, hope I get them developed soon as hell!!!

My ex called me today... >_< haven't spoken to him for like .... 2 years... he called... to tell me he was engaged... HA!!! Like I care *siiighs* in fact I am happy he's off the market, he is a pain in the arse to all single girls out there... Lets hope the couple suit ecahother... no more said about that!!!

I VERY cute guy with a guitar was talking to me on the train today... made my day completely... oh yes, I am an easy pleaser *lmao*

Anyways, like I said, there will soon be more additions to my gallery!!! *hugs*

It's sunny today!!! It's actually warm-ish in the sun!!! It's only 18 days more untill it is officially spring... allthough we all know here in Norway it won't be untill April!!!

But it IS time to start dragging out that poisionous margaritas!!! *grin* It's ALMOST summer!!! Out of this thick wolly, unflattering clothes again!!!

*does the jumpy skitty sun dance & sips her hot coffee*

No new art today... just a boring moment at school!!!

hey hey hey!
Enjoy your day!
My best witch cure for depression... two ingredients.. wine... and shopping!!! The best anti depressives EVER... and perhaps drawing as well...
Anyways, sitting here with my nice glass of wine and updating my art gallery. After devinantART was down for maintance for OVER 30 min (check back in 30min my arse) But all is fine now.... thank goodness for the booze... *hates this season... Valentines that is*

hm... I'm okay, I am!

yes...two new artworks today. Paintings... I might upload some pictures as well... If I get a sudden rush...
It's a boring day. Nothing to do.... So I went and got a haircut, damn it was expensive.... but it looks good... and I bought another clothing item, as if I can fit it into my's allready filled to the brim... I must be nuts!!!

Feeling rich! Picked up my scholarships and loans today... *wheeee* This means the next item on my shopping list is tickets to Scotland!!! *can hardy wait*

like I said... boring day.